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Even if their official line is “none of the people were underage, and we have no company policy against an employee flirting with fans ten years younger than him, whilst he’s in a relationship, despite the obvious power imbalance this inherently has and the moral skeeviness of it all”, they need to say something.

Rebecca Anne Flint (born 5 June 1995), better known by her stage name Beckii Cruel, is a British pop dancer and singer from England.

Although she doesn’t outright say she believes the victims, she says “I expressed concerns over staying silent” and “it’s not within my power to take any form of disciplinary action on him”, which… She also made some tweets that were less than complimentary about Lewis and Turps’ behaviour on-stream.

Also, Lewis and Turps, inadvertently, in trying to dismiss the whole thing, actually acknowledged on the stream that Sjin has flirted with fans - for all they deny there was anything manipulative about it, and that the fans were underage, Lewis mentioned on-stream not long ago that they had a rule about getting flirty with fans, so Sjin is at least in violation of that. They’ve said a lot, so I’m not going to go over all of it, but basically - Minty said she was aware of all this going on at the time she was dating Sjin, and that she absolutely believes the victims.

In 2010 she reached popularity in Japan after her You Tube videos of her dancing to dance pop songs were posted around the Internet.

She was the 17th most subscribed user (3rd most in the Musician category) in Japan on You Tube as of 25 August 2010.

Flint signed onto a talent ageny, Life Is So Cruel, Ltd., in August 2009.

Emerging under the stage name "Beckii Cruel" she flew to Japan, where she was able to perform with Taro in Akihabara.

Yog employees: Hannah said in a reply to YPS that she received information about Sjin flirting with fans / underage fans, and passed it all onto Lewis, and that nothing was done. OMAKASE is a curated package of artfully selected merchandise alongside a premium anime streaming service with digital exclusives.What that means is, when you sign up for OMAKASE, you are signing up for boxes of anime goodness, delivered right to your doorstep!Flint was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, the daughter of a police inspector and a former dance instructor.She moved with her family at the age of 2 to Ramsey on the Isle of Man, where she attended Ramsey Grammar School.

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Youtubeknits, who’s also worked closely with the Yogs I believe, has spoken up against Lewis and Turps’ handling of the situation too.)Yog mods: both Smerrytumbles and Sadpearonmars have resigned as mods over this. Smerry said Sjin approached them personally with flirtatious advances a year ago, which directly contradicts Lewis’ “oh it was three years ago” bullshit.

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