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Bookworms prefer cosy hooks and quiet places, where they can enjoy reading an interesting book. They also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the right place.

Keep this in mind in search for the best place for date. Look for coffee shops that are cosy and welcoming for readers.

When it comes to dating a person who loves reading, usual places you like to go out are not the best variant.(Okay, that disparity is probably another can of worms we should open at some point in the near future…) The site also made some disturbing findings with regard to specific titles.Apparently, women who say is one of their favorite books see the most dramatic increase in attention from potential romantic partners.The dating app My Bae also claims that its users are more successful at finding dates if they use reading tags, and science says that readers live longer, empirically giving them more time to perfect their technique.More studies have shown that frequent readers also score higher on empathy tests, the interpersonal reactivity index, and other exams of that nature. The best way to boost your results is by reading literary fiction.

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Your date will enjoy this time and you can chat or read together.

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