Dating vintage stetson hats

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Dating vintage stetson hats

Dobbs changed the Roundel by moving the Dobbs name and curving it along the top. Here are two examples, one a label from a Dobbs Boater (note the standard crest) and the other the remnants of a label from a 1940s Dobbs Derby (with a Roundel tip sticker) that has the Price Ceiling listed.

It became more elegant and ornate by prominently featuring the lions. This is also when the first oilskin tip protectors show up. There appears to have once been a consumer-removable portion with the pertinent OPA information, and was removed long ago. By the late 1940s the Dobbs name could be debossed in gold, typically on a textured sweatband, and this lasted until the early 1950s.

It was in effect from January 24, 1951, until April 30, 1953.

Early gold tags feature a serif typeface, and tend to exhibit a greenish patina today; much of the gold often looks to be coming off.Others used a simplified standard crest, sometimes with a plastic or oilskin tip protector, sometimes without. As mentioned before, size tags are not an easy tool to accurately pinpoint a decade because there is so much overlap between decades, but for reference purposes, most will be shown here.The gold Dobbs name embossment, along with the Dobbs Coach, has also lasted to the present day with the successors of HCA in Garland, Texas, though the Dobbs name is straight instead of slanted, and sports a Registered Trademark symbol after the name. The black size tag probably dates earlier than the 1920s, but examples carried into the 1930s.Again, not all hats from this time period may have had these labels.Dobbs hats costing or higher featured a different liner tip with the Dobbs crest sitting below the large Lions and Dobbs "D" emblem.

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