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It tells the world that conservatives, despite the caricature of us perpetuated by the left, are tolerant and good to the core.

Over the next few months and perhaps even the next few years, conservatives will be forced to answer the question of what direction they want our party to go.

Their embrace of hatred and racism has not been chastised by Trump, but allowed to fester with multiple winks and nods to their hateful movement.

He recognizes that conservatism needs to grow and expand in order to reach new audiences. We might not agree on every issue, but we respect one another when we disagree.

That's a character trait that appeals to me as a millennial and as a person who believes in tolerance and working together for the common good of the United States of America. Sending a strong message about who we are as conservatives matters.

Evan Mc Mullin has also empowered many of his supporters, but done so in a positive and productive manner.

His backers are uniting to express their desire to see conservatism and the Republican Party evolve and modernize.

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Elections are normally a contest of ideas where candidates speak of the greatness of America and how they will keep the country moving forward.

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