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String sorting takes O(|s|n log n) runtime, and this adds to the burden of the server's memory and processing power.

* All are good but lacked one thing or another * that I needed like .htaccess * files get excluded with the one that checks to * see if the first character is a . * * @example rscandir(dirname(__FILE__).'/')); * @param string $base * @param array $omit * @param array $data * @return array */ Bear in mind that sorting is *always* performed when scandir() is called.files can be sorted on name and stat() attributes, ascending and descending: name file name dev device number ino inode number mode inode protection mode nlink number of links uid userid of owner gid groupid of owner rdev device type, if inode device * size size in bytes atime time of last access (Unix timestamp) mtime time of last modification (Unix timestamp) ctime time of last inode change (Unix timestamp) blksize blocksize of filesystem IO * blocks number of blocks allocated Here is my recursive function, placing directories into new array keys and its contents within./* find_files( string, &array )** Recursive function to return a multidimensional array of folders and files** that are contained within the directory given*/function find_files($dir, &$dir_array)// Example$folder_list = array();find_files('/path', $folder_list)var_dump($folder_list);array(3) Was looking for a simple way to search for a file/directory using a mask. By default, this function will keep in memory the scandir() result, to avoid scaning multiple time for the same directory. /********************************************** * * PURPOSE: List files inside the specified path and its * subdirectories * * array scandir_recursive (string dir) * * This function will return a multidimensional array * that represents main folder's tree structure.* Each folder has its own named array * **********************************************/ Just noticed a minor difference between scandir and readdir.In Ubuntu, Krusader can display the directories this way. Thanks NAME touch - change file timestamps SYNOPSIS touch [OPTION]... DESCRIPTION Update the access and modification times of each FILE to the current time.I need to change the date (the "date of modifying") of a directory after I fill it with eg.

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* @param string $base Dir String to append at the beginning of every filepath that the callback will receive.