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Louisville sexy cam

Bottom line -- Jones was cleared of criminal charges.

Ex-NBA player Terrence Williams is calling BS on allegations he had ANY involvement in the Louisville sex scandal ... And that's not being cocky, 'cause I don't play around with my blessing.

We put our Verify fact checkers on the case and they discovered it’s the real deal, and the job is posted here. The job was created as part of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 to protect planets and other celestial bodies from contamination by explorers – human and otherwise.

'While our officers are trained to provide aid in most situations, as I stated earlier, every situation is unique and it is only through that thorough investigation that we will be able to understand and fully determine whether or not these officers provided the appropriate level of aid in that situation,' he said.

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According to reports, surveillance footage showing the accusers giggling in a hallway after the alleged incident played a major role in the case.

Former Louisville college basketball star Chris Jones is officially OFF THE HOOK in his rape and sodomy case after a grand jury decided there was not enough evidence to prosecute.

23-year-old Jones was arrested back in February on suspicion of sexually assaulting 2 women at an off-campus apartment party.

saying he never had to pay for lovin' in college ... Williams -- who now plays overseas -- was at Louisville from '05-'09 and tells TMZ Sports he's furious his name was mentioned in the book "Breaking Cardinal Rules." The book alleges Terrence ... paid 0 dollars for a sexual escapade with two women -- an assertion which Williams AGGRESSIVELY denies. I'm very honored to be in that position in Louisville.

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