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Furthermore, I only play out a few times a month, so it’s not like it’s a daily routine… the one thing I can think of is that to alot of musicians, music comes first.

It just doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal too me!!!! I have many musician friends and they have a hard time keeping a relationship going because of the time they spend practicing and then travelling to gigs.

I had to call it off because he travelled all over Canada alot and I didn't have enough trust built up for that. We still remain friends though and I am happy for his success.

I can understand that a relationship/dating wouldn't work if you were playing out all the time or on the road...

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Actually I play all over & I am usually doing studio gigs, which doesn’t involve bars at all…

A girl recently told me that she loved my profile & thought I was cute, but she couldn't date a drummer... I've played plenty of bars (keyboards), and by the time you get all the equipment torn down and loaded & the barkeep comes up with your paltry pay, all the girls have gone home with someone when the bar closed down (and the band stopped playing). When I do play at bars/clubs it’s usually a party atmosphere more than anything…

I am wondering if I should take that part out of my profile... People have all sorts of interests including music and for her to say she won't date you because you're a drummer sounds fishy.

can even play you new artists and songs you might like.

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I mean you could be into taxidermy or something very strange.

Then it would'nt seem too off base to give that excuse but drumming?

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I also have a Sonic tattoo ^^ I've only been in one relationship and it had it's share of ups and downs. I've been told that I was charismatic by people BUT I feel super scared of everything and awkward....-shrugs- haha. I also don't drink BUT i don't mind if you do as long as you don't have a "problem" If you know what I mean.

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