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Paleographic dating

The course is designed for all those who have to deal with late medieval MSS.For many years, there has been a striking contrast in the scholarly attitude toward Latin scripts of the early and of the later Middle Ages.While the paleography of the early medieval and Caroline periods has been the object of serious academic study, late medieval scripts have hitherto mostly been examined (1) for reading literary and documentary texts and (2) for dating manuscripts.As manuscripts of the later Middle Ages are incomparably more numerous than early medieval codices, this is a paradoxical situation, one that needs to be redressed.He simply re-translated them from the current Latin version!

There is not a single copy wholly free from mistakes.

Accordingly, this course will try to systematize our knowledge about the gothic and humanistic scripts in all their diversity of forms and styles.

It will include: the examination and reading of examples of Latin texts (exceptionally French or English ones); the study of abbreviations; the typology and nomenclature of scripts, according to the Lieftinck-Gumbert system and other systems; the dating and localization of scripts; the techniques and principles of historical and diplomatic transcription and editing.

In the 30's and 60's of the twentieth century a number of other, very important manuscripts have become available.

We owe this to the efforts of two wealthy book collectors, Chester Beatty and Martin Bodmer.

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Then, within a fairly short period, a number of manuscripts of superior quality became available, mainly thanks to the work of the German scholar Constantin Tischendorf.