Safe teen dating

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Explain to your teen that love is a behavior, not a feeling.

If someone says they love you, but their actions make you sad, fearful or angry then the emotion they are feeling is not love.

It is impossible to say for sure who will or won't abuse their partner and who will or won't be abused by their partner.

Check out the list below and see if your partner has ever said any of these things to you.

If so, they may be signs of an abusive relationship.

" "You know I can’t control my anger yet you push my buttons anyway! ” Threats: "If you leave me, I'll kill myself." "If you take that job, I’m moving out and you’ll be on your own!

” If you start dating someone else, you will NEVER see your kids again!

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So it’s no surprise that the success of dating apps has led to the development of new ones, like dating apps for teens.“Teen dating apps are popping up all over the place,” said Ju’Riese Colon, executive director of outreach at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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