Sagittarius woman dating a taurus man

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Sagittarius woman dating a taurus man

However, the Taurus man should also know that too much of wisdom makes one dull and therefore he must not impose his ideas on her but rather he should give as a suggestion and it should be totally up to her whether or not she wants to accept them or not.

If this is not kept in mind by the Taurus man then there can be some heated arguments and clashes.

All of this says that though there might be some real obstacles in life this pair does work well in the end.

Another very important thing to take notice of in this combination is that they might not be the perfect love buds or couples; they sure do make a great business team.

A quiet, peaceful, homely warmth and happiness hover in their family.

A Cancer woman has a much higher sensitivity than her lover.

But when offended, a Cancer woman will never call a Taurus man for a frank conversation to explain what she feels.She prefers to be silent, to step aside, and to take refuge in her cell.Most often in such situations, Taurus man will be at a loss on which of his actions or words so offended his Cancer woman.Both partners aspire for stability in life and comfort at home, they will work tirelessly to create a reliable rear and secure the family's future.Both the Taurus man and Cancer woman are constant in feelings, they are not inclined to rushing from side to side.

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