Sarnia online dating

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Sarnia online dating

I know a lot of people that have had a scare, tumors, or cancer itself. Sounds like a good place to live though out in Sarnia.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Clair - Skank Clair, Northern - Sarnia's finest collection of Snobs, St. Chris - Working on taking Northern's title - Speeding on Lakeshore is normal - We all know what Chemical Valley is - Bayfest is the biggest party of the year - You can walk just about anywhere in about an hour - When you're walking in the middle of the street...people USUALLY slow down...

I have lived in London for 15 years this summer and I hafta say I'll never go back! My friends are trying to get me to move back but I say... Toffee Trees Turkish Delight Marmalade rollsand of course breakfast of Centaurs.."porridge and pavenders and kidneys and bacon and omelette and cold ham and toast and marmalade and coffee and beer."OOOOhhh... Sarnia is a wonderful city, you should be proud and I will probablygo back and retire there someday, great people and a great community.

Well I lived in Sarnia for almost 20 yrs and I have to say the only things I miss are the fries under the bridge, the radio stations, the water and my friends. The people in Petrolia are so generous - it blows me away. I have lived in London for 18 years and was originally from Sarniabut moved to Brights Grove and most of my family live in Sarniaand I come home every 2 weeks and my boys are insist that I bringback Puffio's from Ciccio's......are the best ever !!!!!

I just moved back to Sarnia after being away (Kincardine, Winnipeg, Whitby) for 20 years.

No, not much has changed which actually makes it still feel like home.

A spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, which must legally be told about any chemical spills, didn’t say if Nova notified the government of the incident but said it’s now aware of an “alarm” at the plant.

All my family is here now,,dont get me wrong Port Elgin is a great summer small town,,but its too small for me now and it does have its limitations. Someone said it was quicker to get to Detroit from Sarnia than Windsor... Sarnia is an hour east of the D, Windsor is across the river from the D....unless that was a joke about the border being busy.... @Stephy - I have to do a lot of fundraising in my job. As far as the "high cancer rate" - that's a bunch of baloney...

Im now more of a "Sarnia" person than a "Port" person. Trust me, worked all over(which also means drank all over) 3-AM snacks! (I also worked there for a few years a long time ago) 2. I think it's a great place to grow up in and retire, but in between, you gotta get a job and have some fun...

Feeding the fishies under the bridge is a must when I go there..the petting zoo. )There is alot more to do there than here in Wallaceburg.......there is more to do anywhere than in my town. Sarnia has gotten alot more bigger then it use to be and it's starting to be noticed because of all the events being held like bayfest. is the hood When I first got there I got a tour of Sarnia, and was told where all the BAD places where and where not to go!!!! how many people thought of driving your car though that wall at the bank to rob it some time and next thing ya know they close the dam bank done but ohh well Sarnia is allways a great place to live and every monday at some new people in Sarnia allways heres the syrins going off and thinking that Sarnia is gonna blow up but there only testing the alarms lol Ok first off SCITS in my day stood for Sarnia's Collection of Idiots and Trained Saps, so what happened to my highschool,lol? I used to climb the rooftops downtown before I was of age and watch all the bar fights when the bars closed. The thing about Sarnia is that you leave (lived there for 20 years) and when you go back to visit, the same people are doing the same things. and we'd go there at lunch time to shoot a couple games.

And this was coming form people who knew I used to live in Toronto!!!!! The only sirens you ever hear there are the Tornado Horns during storms! No one seems to have any ambition and the people I knew years ago that weren't doing anything with their lives, are still not doing anything with their lives. Also a place to go during exam week in between exams.

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Got to get my sober azz down there for some Uncrontrollable Alcoholism Traning! Good times, good people, and GREAT fights @ Taco Belle at 2 in the morning! aka."If you can possibly get cut-off in 'The Sation', you KNOW your drunk! I was born and rasied here, my friends and family live here and I love em all, they are the greatest bunch of people we have so many great times together and lots of memories. It is a fun city and a great town to drive in though.

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