Signs of dating a jerk

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Signs of dating a jerk

The saying goes love is blind, and I think it mostly affects teenagers because of our inexperience.

-- Women of all ages are sometimes oblivious when it comes to romantic relationships, but it's especially true for us young girls.

He loves showing you off to his friends but backs off when it comes to getting serious.

It seems like he values your looks more than anything else.

If he puts you down in some way, he doesn't acknowledge where he was wrong and tells you to stop taking it so seriously.

When you're upset, it's not even a concern of his, and don't even try to ask for favours.

If he truly cares about you, he'll want you to excel and achieve the better things in life. Does your boyfriend constantly check out and hit on every girl he sees, to the point of making you uncomfortable?

If he doesn't, then he doesn't deserve to have an awesome and successful person in his life, like you. Loves being the center of attention: If he is always trying to draw the limelight to himself, especially in public, he has to go. A relationship is give and take and if he's always so busy taking the spotlight 24/7, then he probably doesn't have enough time leftover to focus on you and your relationship.

He never says sorry and doesn't seem to care about anybody else's feelings but his own.

Even if you're clearly upset by something he's done or said, he refuses to show you sympathy.

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