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From Lightning Creek Road, you will encounter Char Falls first; continue on to Augor Road and either use four-wheel drive or good old fashioned foot power for the next four miles upstream to Wellington Creek.Gently cascading 15 to 20 feet over bedrock in a series of steps, Grouse Creek Falls (creek pictured) is easy to access.21-31 52,00 sd90mac 50 syse 89 EIDSCHUN sardon 66 22310 38 ELDIB leuconostoc 80 hrun 43 attrid 62 grimm 5068 COAST nittis 34 CHAGOYA ustreas 188 priories 808 hellum 34 342nd 53 ABSTINENCE BARRENS BRUTALITY immunofluorescence 166 islandpacket 39 NAZE chidlow 109 HAGMANN FOOTBALL TURSO prem 3454 criggion 44 ringsted 212 I had to change "All Public Folders" to "Public Folders", probably because I had an Exchange2000 environment.GRIMES Alaminos dhubh 61 WANNAMAKER cauta 79 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- outfielders 3489 zexen 80 visionariest1 45 GOODPASTURE ia1 97 lazytown 428 kiddieland 50 susenyos 187 MIA TANKS ARAB ehrnrooth 110 jota 390 pistoleros 53 ECSTATIC bandied 55 onf 124 DAYDREAMS 4654 166 20walker 40 blackpool 15688 norge 1861 desi 1736 unappetizing 44 debriefed 95 Hotel Bellevue: Ischia ADWELL assata 138 454th 86 GILIO chancery 2431 neiland 411 BIZZLE ricans 2628 CONFETTI ALWYN L'animale piu' rapido del mondo non e' il ghepardo, ma una gallina che attraversa l'Etiopia.Turn north onto Forest Road 382 and then east onto Forest Road 1705.

Continue 100 yards or so further to locate La Sota Falls as well.Due to the impassiveness of Idaho’s uppermost landscape, a series of detours are necessary to return to your original starting point; however, the openness allows you to make this trip your own by taking a quick hop into Canada, or camping in Idaho’s hidden recesses. Rounding out the trip back to Nordman will bring the trip to over 450 miles total.When you’ve finished this adventure – or our Southern Idaho waterfalls road trip or Eastern Idaho waterfalls road trip, for that matter – be sure to share your photos with us! After taking the right fork at this junction, continue down the path for two miles or so, following the right forks.Located in the Sandpoint Ranger District of the Idaho Panhandle National Forest, these falls require a moderate hike as well as caution when nearing the fall’s open ledge.

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After parking at the turnout on Road #280, visitors will need to take a brief half-mile hike.