Wisconsin evangelical lutheran synod dating site

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Wisconsin evangelical lutheran synod dating site

Each synod was to retain management of its own institution. Wisconsin Synod leaders stressed that doctrinal fellowship was possible with the Missouri Synod without organizational unity.Since the seminary was no longer able to share a building with Northwestern College, the seminary used other facilities in Watertown.Because the increasing number of seminarians outgrew the Watertown facility, a new seminary campus was opened in 1893 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with 31 students.The facility was a two-story building with a full basement and a large attic.Years later, the attic was finished and outfitted for additional student quarters.

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The origins of the school date to 1863, when the main sources of clergy in the Wisconsin Synod were the mission societies in Germany.

As the Wisconsin Synod moved to a more conservative and confessional theological stance, the theological character of clergy from the German mission societies came into question.

The first floor held two classrooms, a chapel, a faculty lounge, several study rooms, and a restroom in each of the two wings.

The second floor mirrored the layout of the first floor, with a large hall in the center. The basement contained a kitchen and dining area, a washroom, and a recreation room.

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Because of small enrollments and an increasing desire to enter into fellowship with the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod, the school merged with Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod's Concordia Seminary in 1870.

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