Wow not updating 5 1

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Wow not updating 5 1

I would like to thank everyone who has submitted bug reports or weird behaviors happening so we could get them all (or at least most of them) before the release.We may do another release in a week or two to round up any new bugs that shows up or if we finally manage to nail down the currently known issues.On another note, I wanted to keep this for when I finally launch V4, but due to my financial situation not improving (In fact, the horizon looks grim), I decided to open a Patreon account, this allows supporting members of the community to donate on a monthly basis to sustain me which in turn would let me devote even more time to LUI and start video series on it and such.I extremely appreciate everyone's donations, you guys have made it much easier for me to keep working on LUI.(No account required) Discuss This Update Version 3.9.0 is now available on Curse and Wo WInterface.Finally it is here, the 6.0 Release version which has been delayed twice now.Changelogs between versions encompass all changes between 3.9.1 and 3.9.2, some of which you may be familiar with if you have been using alpha versions. Added Thanks tab.- Core: Changes a few frame references to be compatible with changes done in Patch 6.1- Bags: Fixed an issue with the Reagent Bank options having no effects.- Infotext: Fixed an issue that prevented clicks from registering when clicking on a character friend, making it impossible to whisper them.- Unitframes: Changed color behavior for NPCs when set to "Color by Class", it will now follow reaction (Hostile, Neutral, Friendly) as opposed to class (which defaults to Warrior for all non-players).- Unitframes: You can change reaction colors under the Unitframes's Misc Colors option tab.- Action Bars: LUI's built-in bars still have certain issues that could very well be considered deal-breakers with people and we suggest LUI users to use Bartender4 instead.- Unitframes: Our Raid frames are not very customizable which some healers may have an issue with.

- Minimap: Reduced the size of the Garrison minimap button and docked it to the bottom left of the Minimap, above the Minimap Icon if present.- Minimap: Added an option to hide coordinates in the Minimap.- Minimap: Fixed an issue with the Minimap Frames (Always Up Frame, Vehicle Indicator, Durability indicator...) where they would disappear if another addon tried to move them.- Minimap: Added an option to disable LUI's involvement in specific minimap frames, letting other addons control them without conflict.- Minimap: Fixed an issue with the Objective Tracker becoming unresponsive after moving it through Minimap Frames- Nameplates: Removed outdated options that did nothing from the option menu.- Nameplates: The Elite dragon texture has been mirrored to prevent it from overlapping the health frame.- Nameplates: Added an option to hide the dragon textures.- Raid Menu: Added the 3 new markers introduced in Warlords.

A reload of your UI will be necessary I believe.- Action Bars: If you are suffering from texture issues around your action bars, go in your Interface\Buttons folder and delete both UI-Action-Quickslot BLP and PNG files.

(UI-Action-Quickslot2 is not affected and works properly.)- Quest Items: There are taint issues when using Quest items that asks you to "Ignore this error or disable LUI", leading to being unable to use quest items.

(Orange, Silver and White)- Raid Menu: Markers are now shown over two rows.- Raid Menu: Fixed an issue with the Clear Markers button being unresponsive.

- Threat Bar: Fixed an issue where the Exp Bar mode would not display for a level 90 character who recently bought Warlords.

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Not having access to Warlords content would have been a serious detriment to the cause.

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